Pay in 5 Simple Steps

Check out how easy it is to make a payment. This is how it works...

1. Provider Balance

First we retrieve the provider balance using some basic information found on the billing statement. By entering the account number, provider,and patient date of birth we are able to locate the account balance.

Step 1

2. Payment Amount

Now that we have located your balance, you are able to select the amount you wish to pay. Choose to either pay the minimum expected payment or pay the total balance.

Step 2

3. Payment Method

Select your preferred payment method. For your convenience we accept all major credit cards and ACH debits.

Step 3

4. Billing Address

Once you have selected an amount to pay and how you would like to pay, then enter the billing address associated with the payment to verify the card holder information.

Step 4

5. Confirm Payment

That's it! Review your selections and confirm your payment details. It's as simple as that! We're ready to serve you with our hassle free process.

Step 5